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 Hall Rental

  In Season (April-October) Campground Open

  Back hall only (Max 150 people)                         $575 (Includes use of kitchen)

  Off Season (November - March)  Campground Closed              

  Back hall only (Max 150 people)                         $400 (No kitchen use)

  Front hall only (Max 50 people)                          $250 (Includes use of kitchen)

  Whole hall (Max 300 people)                              $575 (Includes use of kitchen)

  Additional Options:

  Set up and tear down (chairs and tables only)     $150

  Use of front road sign                                           $20 per day

  Use of ice machine (unlimited ice)                        $75

  Use of kitchen facilities                                         $100

  Early Set up (Day before if available)                   $250

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Location: Campground near Erie, PA 

                Campground in Pennsylvania