It’s BeetleJuice Season

October brings blue skies, glorious Fall foliage, and the fun feeling that Halloween is right around the corner. Reserve your stay at Silver View RV Resort for BeetleJuice Season… in every sense of the word.


Find Beetlejuice in the Night Sky

Drive away from the lights of the city to see Betelgeuse -one of the brightest stars in the sky –from September through April. Named by Arab astronomers centuries ago, the star is in the constellation Orion and it means ‘the Giant’s shoulder.’ Pronounce the star’s name as Beetlejuice. You can see the dazzling orange glow of Betelgeuse by first locating the three stars that make up Orion’s belt. Then cast your gaze upwards and to the left to see a pumpkin-colored star. Cool, huh?

Find Beetlejuice in the desert

The Pinacate Beetle lives in the Mojave Desert and is not afraid of you. These small black bugs live in fine desert sand and eat fallen flowers and tiny dead things. If you see a little black beetle doing a headstand, back away. The Pinacate squirts a stinky beetle juice to protect himself. Ewww!

Find Beetlejuice on WiFi at Silver View Resort

Settle in for some Fall fun because it’s finally time for popcorn, candy apples, tasty sandwiches, and wacky Halloween movies, like Beetlejuice. Get it on Amazon, HBO Max, and others to watch a fantasy-comedy about a couple of poltergeists, a sleazy ghost, an obnoxious couple, and an old home. Call the Deli for movie snacks.

Movie Snacks at Silver View Deli

October weatheris just great for outdoor activitieslike the swimming pool, pickle ball, golf, and running around in the dog park. But when night falls and you want to get cozy in your RV to watch Beetlejuice, you need munchies. Drop by the Silver View Deli for snacks and sandwiches. Or call them up –the Deli delivers!

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